Privacy policy

1.Collection contents

"Personal information" in this privacy policy is mainly the information entered at the time of ordering.

2.Collection purpose

We collect and use personal information for the following purposes.

  • 1)To respond to inquiries from customers
  • 2)For analysis for sales promotion, sales activities, product development
  • 3)To carry out product reservation, purchase, delivery, payment, etc.
  • 4)In order to use it within the range that does not disadvantage the customer


We will not collect or use your personal information without your consent.
It will be used only to the extent that consent has been obtained, and will not be disclosed to any third party except in the following cases.

  • 1)With the prior consent of the customer
  • 2)When disclosing as statistical data that cannot identify an individual
  • 3)When disclosure is required by law, etc.
  • 4)When outsourcing the handling of personal information to a third party to the extent necessary for the purpose of use

4.Safety management

We are taking the following measures to strictly manage personal information.
In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and theft, loss, falsification, and leakage of personal information, we have strict rules for managing IDs and passwords and storing, managing, and disposing of personal information.
In addition, the validity of these measures is regularly reviewed and continuous improvements are being made.

5.Disclosure / correction / deletion

If a customer requests disclosure, correction, or deletion of his / her information, we will confirm that the request is made by the customer and within a reasonable period of time. We will respond to this.