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Sumif is active in animal welfare for dogs.

Focusing on the rapidly increasing abandonment of breeding due to the pet boom and the never-ending problem of slaughtering dogs and cats, we are thinking of helping as many animals as possible to be adopted into happy families. We continue to donate a portion of our sales to animal welfare organizations.

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Project name: Peace Wanko Japan
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Group/project overview <br>The "Peace Wanko Japan Project" operated by the certified NPO Peace Winds Japan aims for "zero culling of dogs in Japan", and has eight shelters nationwide based in Hiroshima, the headquarters.・We are carrying out protection dog support activities at the transfer center.
We take in dogs that have been subject to culling from animal welfare centers, protect them in shelters, and then transfer them to foster parents who will become new families after undergoing appropriate medical care, feeding, and training. The dog slaughter machine in Hiroshima Prefecture has been out of operation for more than six years, and so far, more than 3,000 rescued dogs have been transferred or returned.