#32 One One day! Store opening (2022.03.27)

This time, we have decided to open a store at the 32nd One One Day held at Shonan T-SITE, which is mainly developed by Tsutaya Bookstore (TSUTAYA). We will sell at this place where many dogs visit for a walk due to the location of Shonan.

This time, Shonan T-Site's One One Day pick-up dog will be a "Yorkshire Terrier". Of course, dogs other than Yorkshire Terriers are also welcome.

Formation of community between owners, new encounters. Surprisingly, it may be a neighbor, and it's an era where you can connect even if it's far away. Dogs can make new friends and have new experiences that they can't usually do.

We are planning to hold a dog food and goods market and a participatory event where you can participate with your dog.

【event date】
Sunday, March 27, 2022 10:00-16:00

Shonan T-SITE Building 1 and 2 promenade, etc.
6-20-1 Tsujido Motomachi, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
(Commercial facilities based on lifestyle proposals centered on Tsutaya Bookstore)

【telephone number】
0466-31-1515 (10:00-19:00)



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